Saturday, March 31, 2007

sense outta nonsense #1

So, I wrote some time ago about a few e-mails that went between my friend Hector Rhendindi and me that were originally inspired by whacky spam that attempted to beat the spam filters by including very poetic nonsense. We used that spam as a basis for more poetic nonsense, and had a lot of fun at it.

Now a mutual friend - kari-kari has joined the fray, and things are "hetting up". Kari is a whacky artist/poet/mom friend who I became acquainted with through my friend Hector (he held William S. Burroughs' doddering old hand). They (Hector and kari) did a great Skin-Up thang for a coupla years, and it was very good. I promised cuts here, and will someday get to that. Really(?)

However, for now, I wanted to include here some random correspondences between us three. They make no sense, while making perfect sense. If you are looking for the wisdom of the ages, you may, or may not, find it herein...

Here is my first (I think) communique with them -

I took the pikcher. I call it cool ruby glass cherry background. I'm going to paint it cuz it's cool dissolving ruby glass cherry blossom weird autofocus aperture shutter speed goofy, and I kinda like it.

Some groovy spam slipped through my defences today. So I wrote something.

Perceiving This...

I don't know about you, but I choose not to Gargoyle,
what, with all the flatulence that goes along with it.

You may have noticed, that the train is never mentioned,
despite my robust objections over that censorship.

I saw kari flying down the road in my head.
She started that thought.
Along came Pippi Longstocking,
with a Purple Heart,
and orange socks.
like an old movie,
or an old memory,
or a watercolour in the rain.

And me. I never mentioned Dave.

As the honourable spam below claims,

Perceiving this, as well as the fact that there were no more of the awful bangs to come from the revolvers, the Gargoyles advanced in a swarm as thick as bees, so that the air was filled with them. Again the scene changed, and within a dingy, underground room, hemmed in by walls of stone, and dimly lighted by a flickering lamp, a body of wild-eyed, desperate men were pledging an oath to murder the Emperor and overthrow his government. Fatality was not significantly different Failures were significantly more common with combination therapy Among all trials we found no evidence for any potential prevention of infection by resistant isolates with combination therapy

I will post their various responses over the coming days (I don't want this post to be an epic - though it most likely will become one!).

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

the cool ruby glass series

I took these pic's of a very nice ruby glass ball that was, at one time, the top of a lamp. I have no idea where the rest of the lamp is, but it must have been beautiful.

I was really just messing around with a new camera, and trying to figure out how to focus manually. Some very nice pic's are the result. I really like the ones with the mountains, trees, and cherry blossoms as background. I am going to paint these because I like them so much.

I particularly like the one where the ruby glass appears to be dissolving in the background of white blossoms. Sometimes (often, actually), the accidental shots are the best ones.