Sunday, April 01, 2007

sense outta nonsense #2

This is Hector's response to the Gargoyle spam -

Clueless with it all, besides the option of using full metal jackets, the Teddybears stayed back looking thinner than ever, so that the space dissolved before them. Nothing had changed, as the floodlights exposed sleeping men rich with poverty tickets ready to marry the Dutchess and impregnate her with incested ideas. Distortion was in mode. A success was easy. The delusion of love clouded the lakes within, rippling down legs like veins pulsating ink. Therapy class was scheduled twentyfourseven as soon as the door opened to the cellar performance where the wine was changed to tea. Some smoked it seeing how it was green. Dave apparently brought it in the side door of the Tivoli while texting on his cell, coffee in hand.

25 minutes later, kari sent this poem -
me dance, Dave do tai chi

the clothes had been flowing & flapping
in the sun and wind
but the wild ride was over now
it was time to unclothespin the clothes
and fold them and put them away
the clothes seemed content
no matter what their circumstance
she looked out the window
at the beautiful gigantic backyard
she wished she was dancing out there
or watching dave do tai chi
and 15 minutes after that -
3 new poems

rhyme & reason

for there is a reason
so let it be had
none of this stuff
can fit in the cab
and ride oh so sweet
past street after street
and cry wolf and baby
to all we meet
and deep into night
ride waves from the hip
and know in my heart
the smell of bullshit
and try as we may
to segue seams
and present and project
our smiling sun dreams
to all the fine saviours
of will filled might
and prissyass prissy's
ass of so tight
if it ain't broken
make it last all night
and speed god dates
take out and take flight
while i look to the left
instead of the right
and thank you to those
who had insight

last troika in castlegar
( ode to "last tango in paris" )

came in your name
wrote of your flame
tied myself
to things of the same
spied me love
and drank its fuel
lost in a knot
that keeps me hot
but found something
that keeps my attention
a wheel for my well
of love retention


of this love

it is an important love
the hardest kind to see
for it is almost invisible
sure , you could put a few
obvious components together
but it would take more than
tally's and conspiracy affectionado's
to really give a good synopsis
on this love
the calm of this love
the silent claim
of the motherlode of it
the secret pulse
unobvious to most
heard and felt
only by a select few
I followed up with this -

when I had the sun, it knew it,
big in my heart, like a big guitar,
a sound that I could only see.

what came then was stratospheric,
some lyric, some panegyric,
the melody, atmospheric.

I can only wonder.

Lot's more to come, so check back soon.